Hair Clipper Split Ends Trimmer-50% OFF Today!
Hair Clipper Split Ends Trimmer-50% OFF Today!
Hair Clipper Split Ends Trimmer-50% OFF Today!
Hair Clipper Split Ends Trimmer-50% OFF Today!
Hair Clipper Split Ends Trimmer-50% OFF Today!
Hair Clipper Split Ends Trimmer-50% OFF Today!
Hair Clipper Split Ends Trimmer-50% OFF Today!

Hair Clipper Split Ends Trimmer-50% OFF Today!

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The product ensures quick and easy removal of split or damaged hair tips. Split ends are the bane of hair management and trimming to maintain these healthy losses can be a real problem. If split and damaged ends are not cut, they will cause further damage as they continue to split up to the hair shaft. By trimming consistently, dull, damaged and lifeless hair can be revived to crown it.

The Split-Ender Machine Will Get Rid Of Your Split Ends INSTANTLY

With all the coloring, drying, heating, straightening and curling our hair goes through, it’s no wonder our hair is like split end city. While we have all the masks in the world to heal our hair and plenty of sprays to protect, the odd split end always sneaks through.


Professional cordless split end hair trimmer fast and easy removal of split or damaged hair ends with its Surgy-Trim System Technology Whether you are a salon professional or a busy stay-at-home mom. 

The Split-Ends Tool is a safe and easy-to-use solution for managing and eliminating split-ends. By simply splitting the hair into sections, and running each section through the tool as you would with a flat iron

Healthier Hair, Fast, Safe, & EASY-TO-USE: Promotes a Healthy Looking Sheen and a Silky Luxurious Head of Hair

Salon Results at Home: Save Yourself Lots of Money on Expensive Hair Conditioning Treatment that don't Resolve the Problem

Reversible selector directional switch with the arrow pointing direction specially designed for right or left user with LED light technology, the hair chamber stores the trimmed hair, the transparent window allows you to see the trimmed hair, especially specific blades to safely trim the ends of the hair

Specially modified hair plate to safely guide the ends of the hair in straight motion on the blades to trim only the ends and nothing else, on/off button for the release of the hair plate and to lock in position, handle Specially designed metal pressure with rubber grip for comfort

Allows you to determine the length of the hair to be trimmed, the strand protectors work together with the capillary plate to safely guide the strands of the hair in a straight motion. The center of the iron controls the strands of the hair in the perfect straight position.


It’s pretty simple really - all you need to do is section your hair as you would when you’re styling it and the handy and cordless hair end trimmer does the rest for you. The trimmer has built-in ‘safety guards’ so

  • simply place your hair in the middle - kind of like when you’re straightening your hair
  • clamp down and run it through your hair. There are small blades at the bottom which snip the offending the ends.


  • Make sure your hair is clean and dry (do not use it with conditioner or hair oils)
  • For curly-haired gals, make sure your hair is straightened first
  • Section your hair into 3cm-4cm (1/4 or 1/8 of an inch of your hair)
  • Clamp the trimmer over the section and run it through your hair
  • Repeat 2-3 times for each hair section


The short answer is no, it won’t.

But we get where this fear stems from. We’ve all been to the hairdresser to ask for a small trim and ended up coming back with a full-blown hair cut.

Often though, it’s actually because the split ends are so high into your hair that the stylist most likely has to take that much off to get it back. But with this handy little split hair end trimmer, you won’t have to worry about that.

The blades only snip any ends that are sticking up and leave healthy hair strands untouched.

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Package Content:

1*  Hair Clipper Split Ends Trimmer
1* Styling Comb
2* Sectioning Clip
1* Cleaning Brush
2* Trim Spacer


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